Reiki Certification Class: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Question: "Can anyone learn Reiki?"
Answer: Yes! Anyone can learn Reiki! Reiki is a pure form of healing not dependent on individual talent or acquired ability.

For Reiki Level 1... If you've never had a Reiki treatment done before, I highly suggest that you have one done before taking this class. It will help give you a deeper understanding of Reiki which will benefit you greatly during class discussions. However, this is NOT a requirement to attend the class.

Question: "How large are your classes?"  
Answer: For Reiki Certification classes: on average between 2-4 students...with an 8 student maximum. The reason for this... I like to keep my classes small so each student gets the individual attention they need. I've also held classes with only 1 student, but only when I have 2 classes scheduled back-to-back with a Reiki Share held in between. This way, no matter how small the class is, you will always have an opportunity during class to meet and practice giving supervised Reiki treatments with other Reiki Students. It's the best of both worlds combined into one... a small, relaxed class environment with plenty of time for questions and individual attention ....combined with.... a fun and exciting Reiki Share including lots of hands on learning, more questions and answers, lots of laughter and plenty of opportunity to meet and practice with other Reiki students! :-)

For Intuition Development classes: on average 3-5 students... with a 9 student maximum and 2 person minimum.

Question: "When and how often do you hold classes?"  
Answer: I hold most classes on Sundays and advertise all class dates/times on my Facebook page, in my newsletter and on this website. Based on past class schedules....

Reiki Level 1 & 2 classes and Intuition Development classes: have been held (on average) almost every month or so with a brief summer and winter break.

Reiki Level 3 classes: are scheduled upon request and are usually held 2-3 times a year. 

Question:"Can I take a Reiki Level 2 or 3 class with you if I've already taken a Reiki Level 1 or 2 class with someone else?"
Answer: Absolutely! Everyone is welcome to attend! However, please keep in mind that every Reiki Master/Teacher has their own style of teaching and some differ greatly. Some only teach hands on or hands above, some teach intuitively guided Reiki while others teach only hand positions. And, some focus more on the history while others do not. I've been taught by 2 different Reiki Master/Teachers so I've learned to incorporate a little bit of everything into each of my classes, so each student has a chance to learn everything they will both need and want to know about Reiki. Then, I work with them to discover which types of Reiki treatments work best for them as individuals. My goal for every class is to have a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere... no strict rules or regulations... just a LOT of learning, a LOT of healing and a LOT of fun.  :-)

Question: "Can I attend a Reiki Certification class I've already taken in the past with someone else, just so I can review the material?"
Answer: Yes, anyone can attend a class to review the information as long as they have already received an attunement and certification for that class. A copy of your certificate IS required and the cost is as follows... $100.00 for Reiki Level 1, $100.00 for Reiki Level 2 and $200.00 for Reiki Level 3.


Question: "How long should I wait before taking Level 2 and/or Level 3?"
The short answer: Trust your gut. If you feel you are ready, you probably are.
My suggestions...

For Reiki Level 2: Because I now offer Level 1 & 2 Classes on the same day with a Reiki Share as part of each class, you will have time to practice on others and ask plenty of questions before you're done with the Reiki Level 1 Class. So, students can take Reiki Level 1 & 2 back to back if they'd like. Or...if you prefer, you can simply continue to practice on your own and attend more Reiki Shares and once you feel you're ready, sign up for the next Reiki Level 2 Class. Level 2 is learning distance Reiki and the Reiki symbols, receiving your Level 2 attunement and enhancing your Reiki energy flow.

For Reiki Level 3 Master / Teacher: I always recommend that each student have a minimum of 6 months to 1 year of practice before taking this class. However, it really does depend on how much experience and practice you've had during that time period. If you've had a lot of practice, you'll probably be ready sooner. If you haven't had much experience at all, you may want to wait a little longer. Again, trust your gut... if you feel you are ready, you probably are.